Apr 29, 2020



Updated: January 2021

At Sports Force Parks our organization has high standards of cleanliness, which assists with illness prevention. We employ rigorous sanitation standards and robust cleaning procedures including:

  • Extensive and ongoing training for associates on maintaining a safe and hygienic workplace and environment for our guests.
  • Specified intervals for frequent cleaning and disinfection of targeted areas throughout the park.
  • Quick response to spills, trash and other situations.
  • Frequent sanitation procedures for playing fields, spectator and player areas, amenities and playgrounds.
  • Frequent sanitation procedures for restrooms, benches and trash cans.
  • In all guest interaction areas, we will have markings to promote proper social distancing.
Guidelines For Players:
  • Practice social distancing while in dugouts.
  • Players follow guidelines as posted in the dugouts or communicated by your coach.
  • Follow proper rules for warmup areas.
  • Have fun!
Guidelines For Spectators:
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Be respectful of all players, coaches, umpires, spectators and employees.
  • Return any shagged balls to the team on defense’s dugout.
  • Enjoy the game!
Guidelines For Coaches:

Standard Guidelines

  • Must adhere to six-foot social distancing practices.
  • Must conduct daily symptom assessments by coaches and players (self-evaluation). Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home.
  • No spitting or eating seeds, gum, or other similar products.
  • No touch rule – coaches should refrain from high fives, handshake lines, and other physical contact with teammates, opposing players, coaches, umpires, and fans. A “tip the cap” can be used following the game in lieu of the handshake line.
  • Must ensure that players are following COVID-19-related prevention measures included herein.

SFP Guidelines

  • Dugout will be prepared for next team/game, wait for approval to enter.
  • ONLY Players & rostered coaches allowed in the dugout.
  • Distance as much as possible in the dugout.
  • NO sharing of equipment.
  • Players should use own water bottle.
  • Sunflower seeds are prohibited.
  • Spitting to be avoided.
  • Keep dugout clean.
  • Use trash cans.
  • Foul balls returned to defensive team, coach to wipe down before put back into play.
  • NO verbal interaction with umpires, maintain expected social distancing and more.
  • NO post-game handshakes.
  • After game, exit dugout promptly so it can be cleaned for the next team/game.
Field Reservations

Sports Force Parks is open for practice during the week. If your team would like to utilize a field at the park, a reservation must be made via our field reservation form. Times and space will be limited, click here for additional information.

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