Grand Slam Tournaments

What is Grand Slam Baseball?

Grand Slam Tournaments is a popular baseball and softball tournament sanctioning organization that is particularly active throughout the South, including Mississippi. Sports Force Parks on the Mississippi is excited to host four tournaments this spring that are sanctioned by Grand Slam Baseball in Mississippi.

What are the classes and ages for Grand Slam Baseball?

There are two primary skill level classes for the Grand Slam baseball tournaments that will be hosted at Sports Force Parks on the Mississippi: Open and American. Open tournaments are just that, open to all skill levels and typically less competitive. The American skill level is for more advanced teams looking for a higher skill level for the tournament. Across these classes, there are age groups that range from seven years and under up to thirteen years and under.

Which tournaments at Sports Force Parks on the Mississippi are Grand Slam sanctioned?

We are hosting four Grand Slam youth travel baseball tournaments in 2019 beginning in February and running through late May. These tournaments include:

Where can I find the Grand Slam Baseball MS Rules for 2019?

Grand Slam baseball tournaments in Mississippi use the rules outlined in the 2019 Grand Slam Tournaments rule book. The rules can be found on each tournament page, or by accessing them through Grand Slam’s website.